Reindeer herder-Alekseev I.V. with son Artem


Migration of the reindeer herder's family V.V. Zakharov.


Bear hunting., Dutyschan region.

Reindeer herders Keymetinov T.V. and Alekseev I.A.

            Since ancient times, nomadic reindeer husbandry, hunting for meat and fur animals, and fishing have been combined in the economic activities of Evens. Horse and pack reindeer herding dominated the Evens of the mountain taiga zone.

            Evens hunted furry (sable, squirrel, red and black-brown fox, ermine, wolverine, otter, etc.) and meat (wild deer, elk, mountain sheep, hare) animals and birds - geese, ducks, grouse, partridges, capercailzie and other hunting tools - bow, spear, palm, knife, crossbow, trap-mouth, shotgun. They hunted on deer, on ski-shafts and glued with fur, chasing, hiding, with a deer-manger, a hunting dog. A special place was occupied by bear hunting regulated by strict rules and rituals, which was called by numerous allegorical terms, often borrowed from the language of neighboring peoples (Yakuts, Russians, and Yukaghirs). On its prey, a bear festival was held. In the old days, they did not hunt a wolf, because he was considered a forbidden animal.

            The Evens developed coastal, river, and lake fisheries. In the middle reaches and upper reaches of the rivers, Evens caught sesame, char, and grayling. The main fishing gear was hook tackle. Networks and seines became available to Evens only in the 1920s. The Okhotsk Evens had permanent settlements, were engaged in fishing for salmon (pink salmon, chum salmon, Coho salmon, Chinook salmon) and sea animals - they beat him at the ice edge with sticks and harpoons, and later from rifles. In the spring, they hunted on dugout boats that they bought from neighboring peoples.

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