Yukaghirs are one of the most interesting peoples living in the North-East of Siberia. The world community learned about these peoples for the first time from the research of an ethnographer W. Jochelson. The scientist lived with these people for a long time, as he was in exile in Yakutia. W. Jochelson noted that the Yukaghirs did not call themselves Yukaghirs. They were called that by the Cossacks, who apparently had adopted this name from the Tungus. “Duke gir” means “ice” or “frozen people”. The Yukaghirs called themselves odul – meaning “strong” and “mighty”, as their ancestors were considered the best warriors throughout the North-Eastern Siberia. The Yukaghirs assimilated quite strongly with the Tungus, and they called themselves the Tungus word “dutki”, which means “an honest, fearless person.”

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A picture from Waldemar Jochelson’s book: “The Yukaghir and the Yukaghirized Tungus” – Novosibirsk: Nauka, 2005. 675 p