Traditional clothing of the Yukaghirs is similar to the Evenk and the Even clothes. The main piece of clothing is a loose kaftan to the knees with tails, tie-strings, and an internal pleat on the back; in the summer kaftan is made of buckskin, in the winter it is made of reindeer skin. To the back were sewn long "tails" made of seal skin: men - forked in the back, in women on the sides. Long “tails” made of seal skin were sewn to the back; men had them two forked behind, women had them two forked on the sides.

          A bib is worn under the kaftan. Short pants are made of leather in the summer and fur in the winter. A headdress is a poke bonnet-like fur cap.

W. Jochelson’s drawings

NarodyArktiki 2019